Arsip | Mei, 2009

Environmental Education for Children

29 Mei

I have some good news for the nature. After I send my post about the school which focus to the nature (Sekolah Alam). Now it is the other good news for the nature. I was read a newspaper which tell that is an environmental education program for children. The program name is “Program Gerakan Cinta Air”. This program was focus to the water. In this program, children were learn to know how if the water are polluted, and effect pollution water.

How to serve this program?
It is serve with a simple activity, like watch a simple movie about the circulation of water, water fungtion and effect of pollution water. Or with do a simple research, like how many breath of fish which is in the pollution water and in the healthy water.
In polluiton water, fish is more often take a breath almost twice than in healthy water. It is mean, need more effort to take the oxygen in pollution water than in the healthy water

Other activity is invite children go to the place where there is a pollution water after that they go to the place with another situation. Where the water so clean, health and fress. With that way, the children know difference of place with healthy water than at place with pollution water. So the children were decide that place with healty water are more comfort and love to stand for long time than in the pollution water.

So with this environment education can make children more care abaout the nature especially water. And they can bring this during they life.