How to choose right backpack for adventure?

25 Mei

Do you like an adventure? Like hiking, climbing, trekking etc.

Certainly we need backpack to carry everything we need. In this post I want to give some tips to choose your right backpack.

In the market that’s available so many variation of backpack. Lightweight backpack, fashionable backpack, one strap backpack, two strap, internal or external frame, etc. but we don’t have to confuse. We just have to choose which one that appropriate for adventure.

But the important is comfort, cause we use backpack for comfort along our journey. Therefore, we have to know and prepare how long the journey is and what the important thing we have to carry in backpack. Remember, only buy backpack as much volume as you’ll need on your longest trip; packs get heavier as they get bigger!

So we have to choose a comfotable backpack on your shoulder and your back. It is few tips to choose the right back

  1. comfort
  2. spread load on your spain
  3. give priority to what it is for, example ; climbing, hiking, trekking, camping, etc.

The other thigs to choose right backpack is the frame size have to appropriate with your torso. It is important to get a comfort backpack. You have to measure your torso from your os. Vertebrae 7th to the point which is horizontally level with the top of your hip bones. What is different of external and internal frame?

  • Internal-frame packs, with their body-hugging design are well suited to off-trail travel as they allow you to keep your balance, low center of gravity, are ideal for any outdoor activity, so we more freedom of movement. They tend to be warmer and a bit trickier to pack than externals. Internal packs are the popular choice of most outdoor adventurers example mountaineering, skiing, scrambling and hiking on- or off-trail.
  • External-frame packs are ideal for hauling loads on easy to moderate terrain, primarily trails. They are easier to pack and cooler against your back than internals Their rigid design makes you walk more stiffly and is not the best for rock-hopping or other types of cross-country travel. They cost less than internals.

Another important consideration is proper fit of belt. The belt is meant for hips and not for your waist. Therefore hip belt should rest on your hipbone, not on your waist, because if it is on your waist then you will carry too much weight on your shoulder. In the same way if it is too low, it is bound to interfere with your walking.

If we carry backpack with a full pack on, the top edge of the waist belt should ride one inch above the top of the hip bone. Beside several thing ebove you should also pay attention to shoulder straps. Backpacks with self-adjustable shoulder are regarded as top backpacks, because in these backpacks the shoulder straps can be rotated to accommodate individual neck and shoulder shapes.

The last, fit is crucial. make the effort to have your pack customized for your torso, ask your friend to help you fit your backpack or anyone who expert with this.

That’s several tips to choose the right backpack, I hope it is can help you to prepare your adventure. And if you want to get right backpack or you want to get another adventure gear, you can try to find it via on line, you can search at side bar of my blog.


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